The Modern Mumma by Mel Watts

Hello from the other side!
Welcome to my blog. 
This blog is a little something I started back in 2014. I had this crazy idea that somewhere out there someone may enjoy what I write. Someone may actually feel as though they do feel the same and we would live in this crazy social media world and become online friends. Fast forward now (2019) and many have followed my journey with baby number three and four, my life is more hectic than before. My blog has lifted off and I talk to people all over this crazy world!
The blog itself is like my online diary. Its a journal of what I feel, what I want, what I need and what I'm thinking. Its messy, most likely terrible grammar and filled with bad parenting advice. Though, I'm not an expert and the only advice I can really give is that we'll all make it.
I should introduce myself and give you a little bit about me.
My name is Melissa Watts but I prefer Mel. I was born in NSW Australia. I currently live on the Central Coast, NSW and have done all my life. I'm married to Nolan. Mother to four Ayden 12, Ivie 6, Indie 3 and Sonny 1.
I've been a young parent, I've been a single parent, I'm an EEN nurse and I live a pretty enjoyable life.
My website is built on what I love.
Family, Life and the brutal ways of parenting. I'm often told that I'm funny, raw and something they needed. I'm also called a lot other words but I'm not going to deny them.
If you want to chat or send me through something just head over to the "Contact" tab and fill out your details!
Mel xx