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Bugaboo Donkey Review

We all know I'm a pram addict. I love them. 

I wanted a bugaboo donkey when I was pregnant with Indie but at the time Ivie was old enough to walk and I just didn't get one. I ended up with the buffalo instead. So when I found out I was pregnant with Sonny I definitely knew what I needed. Bugaboo Donkey.

I've had numerous emails using for a review on this pram and I'm happy to give you one filled with everything you need to know.

I started using the Bugaboo just before Sonny was born. So it was in mono (single seat) mode for a few weeks. I found having the basket on the side made things a lot easier when shopping. Indie seemed comfortable in her seat and often feel asleep (yes!) One thing I do recommend with the seats is a pram liner and extendable hood. I found I was able to shut the canopy the whole way when Indie slept and she remained undisturbed with everything outside of the canopy. The liner is good because well, kids and black seats. Think bananas, yoghurt and biscuits. Its easy just to remove and wash!

When Sonny came into the world we used the capsule and the capsule adapter. Both in duo mode and mono mode. Being able to put the capsule straight onto the pram became a lifesaver for us. Sonny wouldn't wake on the transfer and he'd remain settled in the pram. When I use the bassinet for Sonny he had heaps of room! He's happy enough to lay flat on his back (finally I have one of those babies) and be happily pushed around. Indie would sit next to him on the pram and either face me or face the world.

Now because Miss four year old's legs don't work all the time, they do but apparently they magically stop, we brought the skateboard attachment. Um amazing! Seriously. Ours has the seat part on it too. She can comfortably sit or stand behind Indies seat.

Here are 5 of the top things I'm asked about my donkey.

People often ask me if its hard to steer with all children or even just the two and its really not. You can obviously feel the difference between one toddler and a four year old but its not terribly noticeable for me.

Do I fit in the aisles?

Yeah I do. Major shopping centres are fine. Though if you were going to shops that are overly cluttered and the aisles are filled with boxes you'd have a problem. The pram is just as wide as another one I used as a single pram.

Can you go walking with it or is it just a shopping pram?

I definitely go walking with it. I mean I'm not a crazy walker but I do take it along the local bike track and on the grass.

All the accessories, what do you love?!

Cup holder is a must! The skateboard, the extendable hoods and the pram liners all things I use. I will be buying the breezy hoods when it warms up as I had them for my buffalo and loved them!

Dun Dun Dunnnnnn... can it fit in your boot?

I drive a kia carnival with all the seats up so the boot isn't as big as what my Mazda 7 was but its deep. The pram comes apart. So the seats come off and then the frame folds down. The frame folds pretty compact. At the moment with the bassinet attached its the largest part of the pram I find. Its no bulkier than other prams I've used. I've seen some donkeys put into small cars. If you play Tetris then you'll be fine in any car!

SO there is my review on the bugaboo donkey! If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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