• Mel Watts

Christmas Gift IDEAS

With less than a few weeks away and the massive sales starting in the next couple of

days, I thought (as well as been asked) to put together a Christmas list of what ideas I have for my children or what I thin they'd appreciate.

We use the - Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read.


- Saltwater Sandals. I buy a new pair pretty much every season for Sonny. They go with everything. I do buy the ones with the buckle across the toes as he has wide feet.

Ohana Boutique has the cheapest ones I’ve found. Though you can’t purchase off a website you can message her.

- Beach Toys – Buckets and spades are an easy present idea for toddlers.

- Beach Hat – I got Sonny one from Surfstitch and they’re almost guaranteed to have a big sale on black Friday it was Zulu and Zephyr brim hat.

- Wooden toy house or Doll house.

- Hot wheels

- Hot Wheel carry case

- Water play mat – Kmart. Sprinkler Mat or this one Lagoon play Centre

- Backyard toy lawn mower

- Little Tikes car

- Dress ups

- Bug catcher – Sonny loves his $3.00 from Kmart

- Baby born (Indie age)

- Minnie Mouse kitchen set

- Trampoline

- Baby doll pram

- Spot books

Girls 5 – 8 years

- iPad

- Fit bit or Garmin

- Our generation Doll

- Headphones

- Ella and Olivia books

- Diary with lock – apparently the lock is important.

- Bike – Kmart had beautiful blue girls bikes $100, We got one for Ivies birthday, click here for it.

- Helmet

- Nail Polish

- LOL dolls

- Hair accessories

- Mood ring

- Barbie

- Jewellery Box

- French Knitting kit – cute! Remember these?!


- Dream Catcher

- Worry Dolls

- Tamagotchi


- Laptop

- Air buds – not always Apple, but other ones.

- Xbox voucher

- Gaming Chair

- Headsets for gaming.

- Wireless speaker

- Fitbit / Garmin

- Guitar

- Football

- Basketball hoop that attaches to back of door

- SPEK – fidget toy

- Boxing bag

- Metal drink bottle

- Shoes

- “good brand” socks

- Hat

- Cologne

- Beach Towel

- Clothing Voucher

- Money Jar - Counter.

- Guinness of book records 2020


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