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Learning can be fun!

Learning can be fun.

With the ages my kids are learning has been taught differently to each one.

I found Ayden was really interested in learning from experiences and he is a visual learner.

Visual learners aren’t your standard learning style unfortunately one style doesn’t fit all and this has caused a major stir in Ayden’s schooling. He doesn’t fit in the box of teaching curriculum and often gets bored – meaning restless – meaning disruptive.

He exceeds in his English and Math, math being one of his favourite subjects. He also thrives in PE. I do recall teaching him to read, it wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. I can only imagine how frustrating it would’ve been for him.

Since then technology has increased and apps like Reading Eggs have been created to help them learn to read.

Whilst using Reading Eggs here are some tips I use for the kids when it comes to other ways to keep them learning whilst having fun and how we have to change.

Use games.

We play games and I find it helps keeping them engaged and interested. Like using buttons to sort into number categories, finding the colours that match the paper.

Use Rhymes.

Every one of our children have learnt to count by going up and down the stairs out the front. We always count them and then the kids have counted them. Even counting doing their buttons up.


I found when I was nursing that if I coloured in the diagram – of a cell or body part for instance I would recall the name of that more than the ones I didn’t.

Times have changed.

The way we were taught is very different to how our children are learning now. Our kids are learning at a rapid pace and learning so much more than we were. We have to understand this and change the way we were taught to adapt to them.

One box doesn’t fit all.

My biggest parenting advice is one shoe doesn’t fit them all. I have polar opposites in learning.

Reading eggs.

We used Reading eggs for Ivie before she started primary school and it helped her recognise letters and started helping her reading smaller words. She can now understand small novels and enjoys reading. We didn’t use reading eggs for Ayden as it wasn’t available then but I do feel as though it would’ve benefited both of them as its visually appealing, engaging, filled with education but also games. Ensuring two types of learners are catered for.

* Working with Reading Eggs.


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