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Nissan Pathfinder - Bluey.

A year ago we received "Bluey" our Nissan Pathfinder Ti version.

I've never driven a Nissan before and I wasn't sure what to expect. Fast forward to now and I'm in love with it. She's been super reliable, easy to get use to and saved my butt a few times with the auto warning system in changing lanes!

We drive the seven seater pathfinder and during tour time have found many pros for this car and barely any cons. I feel as though when reviewing something like this you have to really give the pro/con. Although these are my own personal views.


  • Extra safety features. I have to say they have been amazing. The blind spot warnings, 360 cameras views and the sudden brake warning. I have relied on these features numerous times!

  • Being 7 seats makes it extremely family friendly. 3 seats in the second row fitted with anchor points and the 3rd row with 1 anchor point. The third row also has aircon vents and drink holders. Ayden (12) fits comfortably in the 3 row of seats and with the option of the second row seats being able to move forward to give extra room area (see pic). I have also driven home 2 adults in the 3rd row with zero issues. You're able to move a seat ion the second row by lifting a lever and it comes forward to let people ion and out of the 3rd row.

  • The boot. I find the boot has been amazing for us. When only three seats are in use I can easily fold down the third row which makes the boot really large. If I only use one seat you can have the options to lay down just one seat of the third row. Even with both 3rd row seats up I'm able to put my bugaboo bee in there, some shopping. Compared to some other seven seater cars the pathfinder boot is larger. You can also use it in cargo mode where all 2nd and 3rd seat rows can be folded!

  • Seat warmers and coolers - Something I never knew I needed lol.

  • Sunroof x 2 - The sunroof believe it or not has saved me many 4pm accidental child naps "oh look can you see the magical fairy above us?" "OMG was that a flying wombat?" It's great for that. Though I once opened the sunroof window and leaves fell on me - I've never moved quick enough.

  • DVD player / In headrest screens - Traffic, waiting for kids to finish, running late appointments, football game rain - need I say more!!!

  • Leather black seats! Easy to clean and wipe down!


  • It can use a bit of petrol depending on how or where you drive it. But that could be because I compare it to the car I had before. The pathfinder uses unleaded petrol. I can get about 1.5/2 weeks out of a tank. Which isn't bad.

  • Using the easy entry into the third row seat isn't that easy if you need to put a car seat on that one seat that requires an anchor point, the kids mostly jumped in and out of the boot. Until I moved the seats over (rookie error).

The cons are extremely minimal. The pros definitely outweigh them.

I did out a post up about asking questions and I feel like I answered most above however there are some I just want to answer from my own views.

How many seats across the back (2nd row)? I have fitted 3. It all depends on the brand of seat and type of seat you use. Sonny still sits in his newborn converted carseat and they're very bulky. Indie is in a 5 point mothers choice seat and Ivie is in a booster seat. The 3 row only has one anchor point.

Is parking easy? Seriously its a breeze to park with all of the camera options. Never had a problem parking!

Towing capacity? 2.7 brake towing capacity.

Easy to get into? This car is like any other car. Its not up high or anything like that. My children climb in and out.

Overall this car is the perfect family car. It gives you the freedom to take it on road and off road. The extra room allowing extra guests and also the ability to carry big things.


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