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Our holiday to South West Rocks

As we currently drive on our way back from our week away I’m in two minds.

1; Thankful we’re coming home.

2: I wish we could stay longer, but possibly drop the kids to someone else’s house for a few days so we could actually have a small amount of break. Camping/ caravanning with kids is NO relaxing holiday. Especially when you have a small energetic toddler who is now a runner.

Our trip begun heading off after the big Christmas period.

We were meant to head down South coast and stay in some incredible accommodation but due to the fires we cancelled this and will return at a later date.

With Christmas finding new places to go was pretty hard. As most had already been booked out. We always go away with a group or another family as the kids just play together and its always so much fun. Finding a place for both families wasn’t going to be easy.

After many, many calls we found two places and decided to split the trip up.

We drove to Bulahdelah which reminds me of the movie cars – before the highway was built every car heading up north would pass through Bulahdelah, it’s a small town with a pub, bakery, IGA, post office. We would often stop there and go to the park and toilet break.

The highway was built and completely cut off Bulahdelah, its completely bypassed now.

A new Big 4, River Myall, was built and opened 16 weeks ago. Because it was so new we got to book prime camping spots and really enjoy what the small town had to offer. The amenities there were perfect, so clean and the shower rooms were cubicles. We stayed for two nights here. The kids rode their bikes and played in the pool.

We ventured off to Foster for the day which wasn’t a far drive.

We then hitched up the van and headed north for 5 nights.

We went and stayed at Ingenia park South West Rocks – which I thought was Salt west rocks (face palm). We had originally booked to stay together but something happened and we were separated. Though we got back together the next day. SWR was HOT but a different kind of hot. The humidity was next level!

The park was much older than the one we were just at but still had great facilities, even more for the kids. They got to play in the pool, scooter and ride bikes.

We ventured off to beaches and lakes. Trial Bay is a must for anyone who goes to SWR its beautiful crystal clear waters were absolutely mesmerising. I wish we had a stand-up paddle board and snorkel gear. We got there around 10 and got an amazing spot under a shady tree, we had to leave as Indie got stung by something we still aren’t sure what it was but she was okay that evening.

We went to horseshoe bay but the surf was messy and not safe for the kids. The other place we went was back creek. This place was incredible. We went low tide and the kids could walk across the sand bays. Ayden and Nolan jumped off the bridge and we spent a lot of time just swimming. It was a really incredible place. I haven’t seen anything like it before. High tide it looks like the cleanest creek you’ll ever see, so many people swim there and spend their day just hanging around. Ayden spent most his days there with his new camp friends.

Between us all there was 4 parents, 1 teenager, 4 kids and 1 newborn.

It all went really smoothly. We spent everyday together either lounging in our camp chairs, going for short drives and eating obnoxious amounts of ice-cream and waiting for bedtime!

As I said above camping / caravanning with kids isn’t all that relaxing when you have young kids. I feel like you always have to be on the go. You sit down one minute and Sonny’s ran off the next, someone always needs to poop and I swear to god kids have zero resting moments


Meals mostly consisted of chicken noodles and ice blocks. We ordered pizza from Pilot pizza and it was delivered, it was amazing!! Even better the next day reheated on the weber.

I did find myself always reminding the kids to drink more water. I ended up buying Powerade and let them have that in the afternoon as it was so hot. I just wanted to make sure they kept on top of their hydration as we know how quickly kids can dehydrate.

Some showers were in the van, some were in the shower block (THONGS PREFERRED) and some extra assistance was required for sleeping a couple of nights (melatonin gummy’s). Overtiredness wasn’t fun!

The skies opened up the last full day and gave us a nice chill factor and some drizzle which was so welcomed. The grounds were so dry and you could see the leaves on some trees starting to curl. We drove into Port Macquarie where we had lunch and wandered around. Found out how beautiful it was there which led us to book Easter there.

I learnt to scooter with my GF, which was so much fun. Now we need to get our hands on some adult scooters for ourselves because the kids kept taking theirs back – rude lol.

All in all we had a great break away.

Until next time!

We booked our next trip in April where we will be away for Easter which is super exciting. Hopefully get away for a small weekend before then though!

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