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Our morning routine

I was asked to write a piece for Cotton On Kids about our school morning routine.

So here it is....

School Morning Routine

With four kids in warm, cosy, dream like beds you’d think our mornings will be filled with little butterfly kisses and sweet little voices whispering “mama – the sun has risen and so have we, our beds are so comfortable, we’ll lie in for another fifteen” And then we’d all get up and sing our morning love song and eat a five course breakfast spread that I prepared mostly the night before, and I’ll think #bliss.


Strap yourselves in. Here is an all access pass to the reality of my School morning.

0430– “Bye babe, I love you have a good day” My husband whispers to me. I roll over and grunt “Can you give Sonny a bottle, he’s moaning?”

0530– Little fingers draw on pretend makeup on my face “Just move your face to me mummy, I just put on your eye makeup” After a stab in the eye I beg for 10 more minutes, I offer devices, food, even trips to the park. Nope, okay. I’m UP!

0600– Busting to wee but so does Ivie, Indie and Ayden. It’s okay I’ll wait, whilst holding myself and jumping. 0610 – You’d think he was in a jail cell as you hear the clinking of the empty bottle rattling along the crib bars

“MAMA MAMA MAMA OTTLE ALL DONE MAMA MAMA” You know what I’ll pee in 4 years time, that’s fine.

0615– Dammit, I knew I shouldn’t have opted for that bottle, he’s wet through. How do you even get pee on your pillow? Everyone’s peeing but me!!

0625– Dress and nappy change Sonny.

0630– Get the chickens out of the coop.

0645– Sit down and scroll my phone whilst the children argue over what day of the week it is and what uniform they require – sport uniform, normal uniform, sport uniform, normal uniform.

0700– OKAY OKAY I’m up (off the lounge) I’m awake 1.5 hours later let’s get this morning done.0710 – Line up four bowls, knowing Sonny won’t eat it, Ivie will want toast and Indie’s bowl is the

wrong colour blue.

0715– “time for breakfast guys, c’mon”

0718– ‘You’ll miss the bus”

0719– Prepare another bottle for Sonny, he shouldn’t even be on bottles. But he won’t eat breakfast.

0720– WEE

0725– “Seriously if you’re not eating breakfast by the time Peppa Pig starts you’re all not playing this afternoon”

0730– Turns TV off, children come to the food court (kitchen).

0731– Ayden makes his own breakfast – 5 Weetbix, half a litre of milk, one banana.

0732– Indie makes her breakfast – rice bubbles, 1 cup of milk (precisely) and honey. Do Indies hair whilst she eats breakfast.

0733– Sonny wants a banana and yoghurt, prepare this for Sonny, he doesn’t eat it.

0740– Ivie doesn’t want Weetbix, cornflakes, rice bubbles, fruit, yoghurt or toast. She wants bacon. Ivie gets toast; Ivie suddenly can’t use her hands to make said toast so I do.

0745– Quick everyone’s eating put on bra, tie hair back up in same mum bun, quick teeth brush ------ door bell rings.

This is where is gets busy and even gives me heart palpitations just writing this.

NOTE: we have ONE bathroom, ONE toilet.

0753– Work my way back up to the living area via each child’s room.

0756– Open Indie’s blinds and window. Pull bedding up. Get clothing for school, pants – won’t wear shorts, undies but not the flower ones, socks, shoes, shirt with sleeves and hat. Check that sheet and spare clothing is still in bag. Carry Sonny and Indies bag to next room....

0758– Open Ivies blind and window. Pull up bedding. Get sport uniform out, clean undies, socks, shoes. Check bag hasn’t got rotten banana in it, take out lunch box, make sure hat is in bag.

0800– Open Ayden’s blinds and window. Ayden’s ready – looking for socks E V E R Y D A Y takes my socks. I explain to him that no one else is taking his socks – AGAIN and that he needs to go through his draws and under his bed to find them. Ayden’s old enough to do his own bag and check it.

0802– “WE’RE RUNNING BEHIND” I yell out frantically. Breakfast is done. Ivie runs to get dressed whilst singing and performing her breakfast ballet dance (ugh, please stop – I whisper to myself) Indie gets herself dressed and ready, even with shoes and socks BLESS HER – seriously!!

0808– Remembered I didn’t do Ivies hair and she now wants an Elsa braid with clips and everything else she seems to find in her room. We (I) settle with a ponytail and try to explain to her during the sobs, that we ran out of time and tomorrow we’ll get up earlier (spoiler alert, we won’t)

0809– Indie wants to brush her teeth.

0810– If Ayden spent that much time on his school work as he did on his hair he’d be fast tracked to a uni degree. “What are you doing in there Ayden, people are waiting” “I’m just getting ready mum” “Maybe you should get up 45 minutes earlier tomorrow and do your hair first?” (spoiler alert, he doesn’t) All of a sudden he emerges resembling a cute pre teen boy.


0813– “HAS ANYONE SEEN SONNY?” Look for Sonny.

0815– Find Sonny out the back, under the house, with the chicken, holding a cicada. Quickly learnt that the foot prints I followed meant he has been playing in the dog water and is now wet – AGAIN.

0816– “Love you mum” Ayden gives me a kiss as he runs out the door to ride to school with his friends. I think it’s awfully quiet, where’s Indie?


0819– Redress Sonny.

0819– 45seconds – Find Indie who is now dressed as Emma sparkle wiggle.


0823– Spent 5 minutes negotiating with Indie to put her school clothing on and she can wear her tutu over her pants.

0824– Ivie and Lexi are ready.

0825– Kiss girls goodbye and watch them out the front. Ivie runs back in needing a water bottle, school excursion letter signed and news day.

0826– bus drives past. 0828– Yep it was definitely our bus. Fills out form, packs news, checks lunch box. Tell the girls I’m driving them – devastated they are. 0830– Pack Sonny’s lunch, 2 bottles, formula container and water bottle. 0831– Pack Indies lunch and water bottle. 0835– Everyone’s in the car. 0840– Drop girls off to school. 0855– Drop Indie and Sonny of to school. 0900– Come home to work and look around at this morning chaos mess and think to myself – it’s too quiet.

WOW, it’s hectic and busy and sometimes overly repetitive. Some days work smoother than others and some days are just a “pick your battle” day. I can honestly say this is a full on representation of our mornings.

Here are some tips to help make your morning run smoother than mine as I usually don’t do all of these BUT I should!

–  Make lunches on Sunday and Wednesday. I do, do this one. Hence the “pack your lunch boxes” they literally just have to get their stuff I’ve already made into their lunch box.–  Fill water bottles, baby bottles with water the day before - I also do this.–  Prepare clothing the night before – I don’t do this, should though.–  Read school newsletter or FB pages to find out what’s on and what needs to be paid for – I don’t do this I should.


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