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Small Goals - Fitness

Part two

After tackling one of my goals for 2018 I knew that it wouldn't be gone forever unless I put in the hard yards to help try and keep my anxiety at bay. It was never going to be as simple as to being medicated forever, I was the way I am for a reason and I can't erase that with some tablets.

As we are aware exercise has a massive play on how see things. Our mind can be foggy but after exercise you release endorphins and you start to see clearer. Once you continue doing it you mind becomes less and less foggy.

Exercise for me wasn't just about physical appearance it was definitely about helping me gain some time to myself. So set more small goals.

Exercise with Nolan twice a week.Run the block.Be under 80 kgs.Drink 3L water daily - I HATE water.

You may remember last time I worked out I had an very close meeting with the cement. Like legitimately, it was awful as you can see in the photos above or in my IG story highlights -life. So going to a gym was such a big deal to me because I already carried this anxiety about going back. I would question every move I did for a long time. If I ran I would suddenly stop because I freaked my feet wouldn't keep moving and I'd fall.

I made Nolan sign into the group fitness gym first. He was the guinea pig. He was going to try it out and see what it was all about. He would come home each session sweaty but smiling. He spoke of how he was catching up with our mutual friends, the exercises he did and how great it was to be back in an environment where he felt as though he counted. He did this for a few weeks until I couldn't sit back.

My first session I was nervous. Beyond nervous. I felt it in my throat. I wanted to go home. Everyone seemed so fit and I didn't want be the one everyone was waiting for. Like I've said before everyone has to start somewhere and if being the unfit one was the start then it was something I had to do. At no point in the class was I made to feel like I didn't belong there. I explained my worries and how I didn't want to run. I was never made to run, until one day one of my besties came up to me and said "that's it bitch were running".... so off we went. I complain 98.9% of the time and stopped 97.99% of the time. But who cares, I did it.

It took a few weeks but I slowly felt my fitness improve. I took "before" photos not as they'd make a dramatic after photo shoot but just so I could see the results. I find that when I go to the gym I loose weight until I get into the mid 70's and I start staying the same due to muscle building. I kicked my first goal of under 80, then before I knew it I could run the block with only stopping two times.

I never made unrealistic goals. They were always smaller ones. Because now I look back I've lost 14 kgs since June. At no point did I write that as my goal. I never gave myself a timeline that it had to be done by and I never pushed myself to go more than I wanted to. There were weeks there I didn't go once. Like when I have my period, I won't go to the gym for the week. But some weeks I enjoyed it I made the decision to go four times, five times.

By making smaller goals I found them much more achievable. To keep me motivated I work out with my friends, I go with Nolan when he can and I take photos and measurements.

My tips for finding exercise you like.

Give most things 4 weeks before you chuck in the sweaty towel. It takes a little to build confidence and muscle. Everything seems harder on the first day. But its not that it gets easier, you just train harder (I know I know wank alert) and faster.Gym doesn't just have to be your everyday gym club. Look for group fitness, some love it some don't. I LOVE it. Other people motivate me.I can't commit to working out on my own. I have ZERO determination, will power. I can talk myself out of something quicker than a cheeseburger being made in the drive through. I have downloaded apps from fitness gurus and I can't commit. I'll happily sit and watch them demonstrate whilst eating a bag of chips.Find people that motivate you. I follow a couple of accounts that I really love and I feel like they give us realistic and motivational tools that let us do it from home or the push to get us out the door. My two favourite health/fitness accounts are @reviejane and @bybrittnaynoonan

My weightloss hasn't always been about fitness, you need to watch what you eat. So the next part to this will be dietary.


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