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Spring Clothing Haul - GIRLS

Stepping into Spring.

As the cooler months start to leave us behind we’re all ready for some sun and longer afternoons. Sometimes the changes in seasons means changes in wardrobes.

More so with the children as each season usually passes so does their last season clothing size.

I’ve been looking around as I’m taking any sign that winter is nearly over and getting my hands on ALL things spring.




Clothing kids isn’t cheap, I know. Especially when I have four. Admittedly Indie can have most of Ivies hand me downs but some just aren’t going to cut it.

I have some things that I really think are amazing and fantastic prices so far.

So if you’re after some little tips come along and I’ll show you what I’ve found.

Cotton on Kids

Every season they seem to get my money. This drop however, well it got a lot of it. I love the prints and the colours. The shorts with different patterns and so many different lengths to offer.

The t-shirts under the dresses, take my money! Overalls are just my kind of outfit. As always I stock up on tights because kids can wear them really in almost every season.

I find that Cotton on Kids always seems to have a sale either online or in store. I tend to stalk my emails for emails that may show a sale. You save anywhere from 30% off. I also have a perks card which happens to save me a bit of $$ too.

Cotton on shoes this season seem to be reruns of last spring which I'm fine with. I loved the leather look tan sandals I know many had issues with the fit last season, my girls have chubby feet and we haven't seem to have an issue with them. Your best bet is to take them with you to try them on and also make them try and walk in them as you'll see if they fit well or not.

Best and Less

Whilst looking for other items I came across Best and Less. Admittedly I hadn't been there for some time, usually I'd go there for school clothing and basics. But this time I went in and found some pretty cute things!

Linen Rich - Yep its stunning ALL of it.

Denim shorts, sets, shirts and this cute two piece set. I have seen its out of stock online (pink one), however I did get them in store. There were also denim overalls and this stunning yellow print with florals on it.

And if you have a baby, OMG I'm so jealous. So many prints I wanted it all.


Which brings me to the last place. I feel like we see Myer and we see dollar signs. They stock a brand called Milkshake which is always reasonably priced and made with quality materials. You can usually get shorts 2 for $30 and shirts from $19.

I haven't purchased these yet but I did see the cutest little shoes from SEED as well. They looked so cute! I've bought some before from SEED and they seem to last the season pretty good.

So that's my girls spring picks all done and dusted. They'll get some other pieces I'm sure when spring approaches but I thought I'd share these as I loved the patterns and colours!

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