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Starting babies on food// Ask Mel

Hey Mel,

I’d love some information on how you knew it was time to start feeding your children solids. What would you feed them?

BLW or just puree?

With so many opinions I worry I won’t do the right thing.

Indie vs Pasta

With almost everyone having access to the internet it can be overwhelming with the information you find and read. 25 % seem to do it one way, 50% are doing it another and another 25% are doing it another way!

I’ve always gone with – just do what you feel is right.

I was looking back in Ayden’s baby book, shock horror I filled one out right! I had written in there as his favourite drink at 12 months was apple juice.

Twelve months old, what was I thinking?!

I tell you what, I was doing what I thought was right. Ayden lived off jar pureed food breakfast, lunch and dinner from 4.5 months old. No wonder he resembled a mini sumo wrestler. However I just went with what I thought was right and what I thought he needed. I really don’t think we sat around on the internet all day then and it definitely wasn’t kept attached to my hand. I don’t even think my mobile phone had internet! I was learning from other people and doctors advice.

Fast forward now hes a capable teenager who’ll eat anything and everything. Hes always hungry! By the time Ivie and Indie came along I had learnt about BLW (baby led weaning) I wasn’t comfortable with giving my children sticks of food though so I made sure I again went with what I thought was right. I didn’t start solids until 6 months old with them.

Their first foods would’ve been:

Pureed – Apple, Carrots, Pumpkin.

When they started to swallow more than spit it out I would offer the food after a bottle or in meal times. But until they learnt the skill to swallow food was fun until they’re one well that was the saying I was going with.

Pureed turned to mash potato, bananas. But I also steamed sticks of vegetables when they could sit unassisted in the highchair. So steamed broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, zucchini. I would steam it until they pretty much were about to mash themselves. Just so they could mush it up in their little mouths. Most of this would be spat out.

Around 10 months of age I would offer toast soldiers, scrambled eggs, spaghetti, yoghurt, shredded cheese, mashed weetbix, porridge. I would offer these when we were eating as a family. So, they’d sit with us at the table in the highchair with their food on their tray and just enjoy copying us and watching.

By 12 months old my girls could eat anything and everything – well if allowed. Indie had a strict diet there for sometime with her skin. They’ve always eaten what I make. I don’t make extra dinners or cook them separate meals. I’d adjust the spice, nuts, meat type of things accordingly. I chop their food into bite size pieces.

Sonny boy wasn’t interested in food for almost 12 months. He was still having 5/6 bottles a day at 18 months he just wasn’t really keen like his sisters. Which made me panic and do the whole “why wont you eat like your sisters?” He is still a pain to feed now.

Sonny’s diet consists of white food – yoghurt, milk, cheese, bananas, mashed potato and hot chips. He’ll also down 4 sausages in one sitting – ugh.

The only way he eats vegetables if its grated into spaghetti Bolognese, hidden in mashed potato or covered in cheese. I laugh a little when people suggest I shouldn’t give Sonny a substitute formula still now, I just don’t think they understand how little he eats in green foods – or maybe its me just wanting to overcompensate by adding more white to his white diet.

All of my children eat different. Its actually a pain. The two meals I can get EVERYONE to thoroughly enjoy without (well minimal) an argument is Burritos and Spaghetti Bolognese!

But not vegetable spaghetti Bolognese lol just meat sauce and pasta.

Some days I pick my battles and other days I’ll grate vegetables.

They’ll eat pizza and McDonalds like nothing but give them a steamed carrot … it’s a stand off.

I’ll link some accounts that I follow that I love their ideas and what they cook. There is also a really interesting account that makes food fun!

Jodie from @bondimumma cooks killer meals and snacks for her family. I have cooked the wontons over and over in my house. She’s always using fresh and delicious ingredients. Though she’s not a huge food blogger in her highlights on her IG page she has all the things she cooks.

The Toddler Ingredient is a page I’ve followed for ages gaining ideas and using them for cooking. Easy recipes!

Jacobs food diaries The amount of effort that goes into these meals are outstanding.

@kids.eat.in.colour I've only just started following this page and I find it really interesting in how you can get m ore vegetables into your kids. It's a feel good page.