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SYDNEY - You by Mel Watts

Updated: Aug 12, 2019


The first of the events has been done and dusted and I really still can't wipe the smile off my face. What an audience, what a venue and the food was incredible!

Having no expectations on how it would go as I have never done one of these I just let myself be and really try to allow myself to enjoy it.

With my nerves visiting at the start of the talk they soon disappeared when I looked in front of me and seen so many friendly faces. These women here weren't here to judge me, they were here to support me, they wanted to be here and I'm so thankful for that.

The venue was incredible and being so central allowed many different types of travel, The Commons was such an amazing spot. Born Bred Talent really listened to me and helped me deliver what I really wanted.

Heather from Popette Studio styled the place fantastic, with green leaves from monsteras and soft pink florals. Using soft shades of pinks with some stand out colours she really made the The Commons look fabulous! Heather worked tirelessly to get everything together even when she had a sick baby at home. Making sure the backdrop was steamed for the beautiful neon light from Radikal Neon which definitely made the stage area pop!

We were able to fill the bins for Share The Dignity which I appreciate so much. So many things will be going out to those who need it most. Each place we visit will have these drop off boxes.

Laura was our host and she was fantastic.

The panel guests we had really helped make the day with me. I cant even begin to thank them for how they really helped me in the coming weeks towards the event and really eased my mind. I knew that picking them would make the first show an amazing one.

Steph Pase , Jules Coffey and Charli Kate shared their stories and allowed us to have a view into their lives. The crowd was absolutely captivated in hearing from them.

Our guests were served amazing food - platters, sandwiches, burgers and more whilst they sipped bubbles from Taylors Wine and kombucha from Rooted Drinks. Throughout the dining area Heather from Popette Studio styled the tables with amazing foliage and tableware from Five Star Party co.

I'd also like to thank the stalls holders we had Leslie from R+F and also @proudbabymuslins

After the event had ended all the guests were treated to goodie bags that were filled with gifts from so many businesses.

@tomyaustralia - provided nursh bottles 

@mckenziesfoods - Provided recipe book and shredded coconut ingredients 

@spotlightstores.- Provided the cookie cutters 

@bumpdayspa - Provided vouchers 

@pretty.pod - Provided vouchers.

Chamonix Rain Organics - Provided baby shampoo for the gift bags

@underthecottontree - Provided the fairy floss

@asprinkleontop_ Provided personalised cookies

@thankyouaus - Provided hand sanitiser spray

@themiddletreeco - Provided bespoke candles

@Neptuneblanket - Provided the weighted eye masks

@ProPlenish - Provided collagen samples Krumbled - Beauty bars

Sydney is done and dusted with Melbourne up next....

I'm so excited for this one as the first one is always the hardest.

Mel x


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