• Mel Watts

The Wonder of Self Care – Bonds Style.

With four kids my idea of self care is most likely different to what some assume I do actually do as self care.

Here are my top 5 self care loves – which you might find a thing or too you might like to use.

- To wind down I love having warm showers – even with Sonny. I find that Sonny loves warm showers with me as well. We usually sit at the bottom of the shower and sing or talk. We have been using the Gro-to Bubble bath wash as its gentle and smells amazing!

- Go for a bike ride. This is only a new found love! I got my bike for my birthday and since we’ve been social distancing we’ve been taking the kids on bikes rides. Bike rides equal fresh air and exercise. Perfect for my mind and health.

- I have preparing for a pandemic virus my whole life, okay I haven’t but with anxiety I have always been in a slight panic. Add this on top and I could easily go overboard. I like to go to the beach and walk along the shoreline. Something about sea air and the feeling of the water on my feet grounds me, it brings me back to reality and know that its all going to be okay.

- Nice PJ’s. Pyjamas are a must and nice ones that make you feel comfortable and warm are like a big hug. They make me happy!

- Look around you. I find this is something we all take for granted, I can hear birds and see the wind blowing the trees. I see butterflies flying and clouds shaped like love hearts floating in the sky. I LOVE a beautiful purple, pink sunrise and the smell of rain after a hot summers day. This seems small to some but if you take a moment to look around at all the life happening in front of us it reminds us what were grateful for. What sometimes we look straight past. It makes me heart happy.

Though I love warm hugs and breakfast in bed this mothers day I want to be able to focus on things that make us a family. May that be a bike ride followed by cooking a beautiful meal with my family. It may be watching a movie together or laying on the grass looking up at the sky.

In these moments its important to enjoy the time we have and who we have it with.

Thanks to Bonds and Gro-to The Wonder of self care can be as simple as sending a gift card or a Gro – to skin product!

Have a fantastic Mothers day team!


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