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It wasn't that long ago your baby was put on your chest, you went over your baby with a fine tooth comb taking in every single piece of perfection you made. You said you'd love them, protect and always be there for them....

So what happens when they aren't in your care 5 days a week any more and they spend their days with children who may eat their boogers and push others?

They've been living with our routines, our menu choices, our games, our rules. We've legitimately watched them make their milestones their own, kissed their knee when they fell over and helped tie their shoes. Until they reach school age.

Some have kindergarten (4 turning 5 or 5 turning 6 years) and others have Prep.

Children are required to attend a form of education being either home schooling, public education or private education. And let me tell you.... homeschoolers - They're something all kinds of nurturing. I don t think I'd be able to do it.

I've been there, right where you are now. Scrolling Lunchbox mums on Facebook and purchasing useless lunch containers by the hundreds. I've been there with you whilst you sat back and looked at your little human wondering where time has gone and how can we make it stop. I have Ayden who is going into high school this year and I'm all kinds of nervous. These are the years to come where he'll make some of his biggest mistakes, best decisions and life long memories - I'm generally excited for him.

But whenever one of my children start kindergarten - I start back at the start again.

Its scary isn't it? The idea that they might be runners and just leave, they might not be able to open their lunches, tie their shoes and what happens if someone is mean to them? Most importantly you, what are you going to do with yourself?

I was told to ride off the first four weeks. Its going to be a rollercoaster of emotions for you all!

They'll love school, you'll miss them.

They'll hate school, you'll love school.

They'll cry for you when you leave, you'll cry for them when they don't look.

I cry. Every single milestone. First day of school, first school camp, first performance. I'm just an overloaded bag off emotions.

We all survive school, some take longer to adjust than others. Ayden had to be held by the teacher as he ripped his fingers into me as I left. I cried in the car alone for so long. It was awful. I felt so bad that I was making him go there, 5 days a week 9 -3 pm. I felt as though I was letting him down. He cried for weeks. I cried for weeks. And one day it just stopped, he started to like school. He made new friends, he started to learn new things. He LOVED canteen lunch Friday and sports day was his favourite of the week.

It wasn't long before we had missing lunchboxes, late library books and confiscated toys. His beautifully washed uniform would come home with dirt, texter and left over lunch.

Ivie was a late bloomer when it came to the "oh shit I have to do this everyday" acknowledgement.

She started great. Waved bye as her excited little face beamed with joy. Until week two. she was so upset and cried so much that I even cried at school. She got use to it as well. Now she loves school for the social side (of course) and dance.

My tips for you for when your little one starts school:

Give it time. Really allow yourself and your child time to adjust.Cry, maybe not in front of them when they're happy. But when you're walking away or in the car go for it. Also if you see another mother crying go give her a hug - let her know it'll be okay. Mothers need mothers!You can drive by school to make sure the gates are shut, but only once. Give yourself a break. Go home turn on the kettle and watch some trash on TV. You deserve it Mumma!Call a friend and catch up with them.Know you aren't going through this alone.

Welcome to wonderful years of school life.

Now where's the starting high school handbook?


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