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Winter 2019 - Dear Diary

As winter now ends and spring has sprung, I’m so excited that we had minimal doctor visits and only one hospital stay.

In saying that it may sometimes seem like we’re always sick but with this many bodies living, coughing and splattering under one roof its bound to happen more than others.

However, we made it!

Winter being one of the seasons I really dislike. It’s actually the only season I don’t like. My towels don’t dry, my windows get wetter than a ducks back. I feel like it rains heaps yet none of it falls in our dams still at 51% capacity – until the end of season and we get flooded, oh mother nature you sure like to play some games with us. Our winter seems pointless, its cold and miserable with no snow. I get excited when I look around and see all the new growth starts to grow and all the young birds start to come out.

Run down of winter for us!


Being the start (obviously) thankfully Sonny’s second birthday broke up the feeling of being blue and cold. Celebrating out last babies 2nd birthday was so bitter sweet. And let’s not forget the moment his curls (his beautiful curls) were hacked off. I’m still coming to terms with this lol.

We gymed less and ate more.

Worked harder and prepared for the couple of months coming.

I started #wattstastetesting and yet again got over it way too quickly.

We went camping up at Soldiers point for a weekend with our friends and had a great weekend. That was the last we used our van for the cooler months. Very excited to get him ready to go again.

I posted the below photo which got a massive reaction from people who felt the same – maybe my best reach yet. It was powerful, real and uncomfortable.

We had one date night – 17thJune – haha that makes me laugh.

We did finish the series; The 100 and The Sinner.

We bathed Indie in breast milk – and her skin remains the same. Her Molluscum contagiosum got much worse. But I guess little did I know back then it’d have to, to get better.

The middle of winter July – I smugly declared “we’ve had a pretty good run with sickness this winter” little did my smug little face know it hadn’t even started!

We celebrated Nolan’s Nannas 90th– bless her!

I had my first event in Sydney which was incredible.

I got a brand new Nissan delivered – unknowingly – yay, said goodbye to Bluey.

Nolan and I went to Melbourne with our friends for You By Mel Watts round 2. Had the best weekend away. My beautiful girlfriend flew with me and did my make up. It was her first time leaving her son, they all did so well. He’s five mind you – bless her too.

My friends and family rallied together down here to get the kids sorted whilst we were gone. They got to play with new people everyday and loved it.

We filmed for Bonds, worked with HelloFresh and DON. My photo won the DON. Competition which ended up giving 12,945 meals to those who need it most with Food Bank Australia.

Indie got Scarlett fever and then a bacterial infection from her Molluscum contagiosum and cracked ears.

Sonny got bacterial infection from above small human for cracked ears too – BIG HEAD SMALL SHIRT PROBLEMS.

Nolan complain about pretty much everything – lol.

We started going back to the gym and collectively gained some. Not muscle.

Pulled Sonny’s hair to keep an eye on growth… its taking forever.

Started watching The Grimm.

August the start of our busiest time of year. I started to feel ill knowing Ayden was going to turn 13 this month. I actually put all my energy into this that I forgot about my 5thwedding anniversary (the day after Ayden’s birthday).

Ivie lost her third tooth – which I happily pulled out. The tooth fairy came after she cleaned her room.

Indie had an allergy test done.

Sonny became obsessed with toy story and I watched it so many times I’ve become desensitised to it.

Sonny became obsessed with Lion King – the rain scene is his favourite – I don’t even cry anymore for Mufusa, I’m a monster.

I watched Ivie dance on stages with her school dance crew and then slept for 3 days practically as I got so sick with god knows what.

Indie and Sonny came to an event with me for Huggies – it was great, until both of them started fighting and got overtired.

Got an ultrasound for the prolapse – beaut.

We took all the kids to Luna park for The Iconic kid’s party and it was so much fun. We hadn’t been there before and together we needed it.

Ayden’s birthday came so quick and he had the day off school and played his Xbox pretty much all day. He also wanted to go out for breakfast buy stuff and have sushi and ice cream cake for dinner.




I got a call to say my car was being picked up – eek completely unaware lol however we looked and shopped around for a new car which I get this week and I’m really excited to have my “own” car again. We then packed up for a night away in Coffs Harbour to celebrate a friend’s wedding which was absolutely beautiful.

All in all, we got sick, but not as sick as some. And next year we’re ALL getting flu shots!

The hibernation period is waking and were off to the gym and chasing the sun.

We have another busy month as we welcome the start of spring!

Until next seasons



©2019 by mel watts