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There are so many mobile plans out there, all screaming data, data, data that it can be difficult to know which plan you should pick. They all seem to be offering the same thing, right!? So, it was refreshing to partner with Woolworths Mobile to bring awareness about their new Happy Family Mobile Plans. Clue – they offer so much more than just data!

Happy Family Mobile Plans are tailor-made for families and helping kids stay safe online. It’s a topic that’s hugely close to my heart so I was delighted when they invited me to speak to a group of mums at a breakfast event in Sydney about the challenges parents face when it comes to screen-time and giving your kids access to the internet.

Being a mother to a child who has just entered the mobile phone stage of life (he’s 12 now), I share the concerns of, I’m sure, every other mum…screen-time, social media use, cyber-bullying, the list goes on!

I’m sure, if your household is anything like mine, then mobile phone usage can be a touchy subject. However Happy Family Mobile Plans make it easy for parents to manage data usage in a way that works with your family and lifestyle. 

My kids demolish my data every month, especially on school holidays. Not anymore. With the bonus 20GB school holiday data every three months, I have plenty of data and can rollover whatever is left at the end of the month… and my kids are happy. #winning

I’m at the stage where I am trying to teach my son, Ayden, the value of money. He needs to earn his monthly mobile credit. With a top up amount of $20, it is much easier for him to earn his credit quicker with Woolworths Mobile. He gets 3GB data and unlimited talk and text. If he wants more data, he knows he needs to work harder for 10GB at $30.

I don’t have any regrets with Woolworths Mobile. Not only do they have great mobile deals with their plans, but they’ve also teamed up with Family Zone to give you a free 12-month subscription at no extra cost.

Family Zone puts parents in control of how and when your kids use the internet which really helps eliminate those worries that I mentioned above! With Family Zone you can manage and monitor how much time they’re spending online (that’s the screen-time worry sorted!), you can also control what they’re seeing and doing (inappropriate content worry sorted!), and you can manage social media access too (that means when Ayden says he’s doing his homework, I don’t have to worry that he’s sneaking time online instead!) Tick, tick, tick!

I don’t know about you but there’s always the same battle in our house… but it’s one that I won’t give up. How much screen-time is too much time? Look, I don’t have the answer, but I do understand that if I give a timeframe I can expect him to use it right up until this time and then try and push for more.  My free Family Zone subscription allows you to set routines for study, sleep and play. Allowing us as parents to better manage our children’s online time.

During the discussion at the event I spoke about the findings from a recent study that Woolworths Mobile conducted. I found the results and the figures to be quite alarming, here are a few that stood out to me:

-          49% of us think that screen-time is impacting family-time

-          25% of parents admitted to not having any control of their kids’ screen-time

-          71% of parents are concerned about the amount of time their children spend on their mobile or tablet

-          More than half of parents are concerned that their child is sneaking in time online in private

It seems most of us parents worry about the same things, hey. Woolworths mobile created some helpful articles to help us better understand things like how much screen-time is too much and how to limit screen-time?.Feel free to read these here. (https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/mobile-talk/reducing-kids-screen-time.html )

While we need to remember not all screen-time is bad screen-time when used correctly, knowledge is the key to help us understand how we can monitor it and allow our children to safely use it. I mean, I created a contract for my child in the hope that it would hold him responsible for what he does online! I feel as though Happy Family Mobile Plans is listening to us parents and has introduced a heap of features that address our worries. And, if it’s one less thing for us to worry about, then I say give it to me!

For anyone interested in trying it out, Woolworths Mobile is offering a discount of 10% off any Happy Family Mobile Plans when you sign up online. The code for pre-paid is HappyStarter10 and for Sim and phone plans it’s HappyFamily10. The discount will be applied at checkout and is available until April 7th2019.

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